High quality of dental materials and affordable price
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Dental materials

1 syringe with "IonoLight", B2 color - 2 g

IonoLight is intended for:
  • making radiopaque gaskets,
  • aligning cavity bottom,
  • fissure sealing,
  • sealing small defects of class V.

After solidification, the gasket made of IonoLight material releases fluoride for a long period of time.

Analogue: Ionoseal Voco

Stomatology Dentistry LLC (StomaDent) is one of the leading Russian producers of dental materials.

The company produces a large spectrum of materials for dentistry: a wide choice of composite filling materials, glass ionomers, temporary filling, orthopedic, preventive and diagnostic materials. Many dental materials produced by the company are not inferior in their characteristics to the best foreign analogues, but have a remarkable price advantage over them. StomaDent products are well known to the dentists of Russia and other countries.

StomaDent carries out serious research work and every year launches several new dental materials. The high quality of StomaDent dental materials is admitted by experts of the industry and is marked by a number of awards and diplomas.

Unlike other companies, which sell dental materials produced by private label manufacturers, StomaDent is not involved in such practices, producing all its materials by itself on its own production site in Tomilino, Moscow region, Russia. This allows us to guarantee to our client the high and constant quality of our products.

1 syringe with material - 2 g;

Flex Flow has high plasticity before cure and high elasticity after cure, ensures highly hermetic sealing and ability to remove the temporary filling without the use of rotary instruments.

  • for temporary filling of teeth cavities for the period up to 3 months
  • for sealing abatement screws while installing dental implants.

Temp it Flow (Spident, South Corea)
  • Dual-chamber syringe contains: catalyst paste - 4 g, universal paste - 4 g;
  • Flowability and thixotropy allow its use both for the buildup of tooth core and the fixation of pins in the root channel. Has high strength;
  • The set includes dual-cure Adhesive "FlowCor Duo" which can be cured with and without light.

Luxacor DMG
Gradia cor GC

  • High-aesthetic teeth restorations of I-VI class;
  • Thixotropic material - easily modeled and easily polished to "dry light";
  • High transparency allows "chameleon effect";
  • Has high strength, low polymerization shrinkage;
  • Contains antibacterial nano-particles.

Filtek Ultimate 3M Espe,
Filtek Z550 3M Espe,
Tetric N-Ceram Ivoclar Vivadent
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