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1 syringe with the material - 3.0 g
TempeLight (white and blue colors)
TempeLight F (white color)

  • has high plasticity before cure and high elasticity after cure,
  • ensures highly hermetic sealing and ability to remove the temporary filling without the use of rotary instruments,
  • once the filling has been extracted, no mechanical working of the oral cavity is needed.

Clip / Clip F (Voco),
Temp.it (Spident)

  The company's history started in 1989, when Russian-American joint venture for the production of dental materials was founded in Kharkov. StomaDent founders were VNPO "Stomatologia" and "Dentsply International", USA. The year 1990 marked the start of production of composite self-cure materials.

The company worked successfully on Ukraine's territory till end-1993 when it was decided to move the enterprise to Russia.

In 1994 all equipment was dismantled and transferred to Tomilino, Moscow region, where production was restarted. The participation of international partner, who remained to be the company's shareholder till 1999, allowed StomaDent to introduce modern technologies and to obtain the right to produce certain dental materials of Dentsply International.

In the following years the company set up its own research base and started research work for the development of new dental materials. It contributed to further increase of nomenclature. In 1997 StomaDent was marked by Russian Dental Association as the best Russian producer of dental materials.

At present StomaDent produces a wide spectrum of materials for therapeutic and orthopedic dentistry, for prevention of dental diseases and other branches of dentistry. From the start the company was oriented at the production of composite filling materials, and currently this direction remains prioritized. Apart from traditional and remaining in great demand filling materials "Prisma", "Prismafil", "Chemfil", "BaseLine", the company worked out hybrid composite material "UniRest", flowable composite light-cure filling material "FlowRest", glass ionomer "Dentis". New temporary filling materials "TempeLight" and "Flex Flow" appeared.

Among new preventive products are IRIX and IRIX F. These are mouth rinse/irrigator liquids having wide antimicrobial action. New products for the rebuilding of tooth core have been launched: "DentaCor", "FlowCor Duo".

In 2015 further new products have been put into production:

  • nano-hybrid light-cure composite filling material ESTELUX NC with long-lasting anti-caries effect;
  • composite dual cure material FLOWFIX DUO for constant cementation of prostheses made of ceramics, composites and metal.

The company has the technical base and qualified personnel having international experience. We may offer you professional advice on any question related to StomaDent materials and their use in practice.

The company takes an active stance in the "dental life", participates in all dental fairs and many conferences in Russia and abroad.

varnish in a vial - 10 grams
solvent in a vial - 10 ml

  • preventive agent against caries,
  • reduction of teeth hyperesthesia,
  • treatment of non-carious lesions of teeth,
  • teeth preparation before placing prosthesis,
  • teeth treatment after whitening procedures, dental plaque removal and professional oral hygiene.

Analogue: Bifluoride 12 Voco
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