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varnish in a vial - 10 grams
solvent in a vial - 10 ml

  • preventive agent against caries,
  • reduction of teeth hyperesthesia,
  • treatment of non-carious lesions of teeth,
  • teeth preparation before placing prosthesis,
  • teeth treatment after whitening procedures, dental plaque removal and professional oral hygiene.

Analogue: Bifluoride 12 Voco

Pins fiberglass with large head

Catalogue section: Support materials

Product code: 144-146

Pins fiberglass with large head

: 400.00 Roubles

Head/pin diameter:

Product code 144 (1): 1,25 - 0,7

Product code 145 (2): 1,40 - 0,7

Product code 146 ( 3): 1,55 - 0,9


PURPOSE. The set serves to rebuild tooth tissues after endodontic treatment and for the strengthening of crown.


PROPERTIES. Fiberglass pins are characterized by special strength, longevity, elasticity, transparency and radiopacity. As compared to non-elastic pins, the use of such pins minimizes side pressure in the fang. Fiberglass pins are produced in accordance with modern trends in stomatology and traditional quality standards.



  • 6 pins of the same head/pin diameter in a plastic package.
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