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varnish in a vial - 10 grams
solvent in a vial - 10 ml

  • preventive agent against caries,
  • reduction of teeth hyperesthesia,
  • treatment of non-carious lesions of teeth,
  • teeth preparation before placing prosthesis,
  • teeth treatment after whitening procedures, dental plaque removal and professional oral hygiene.

Analogue: Bifluoride 12 Voco

FLOWCOR DUO with adhesive system

Catalogue section: Orthopedic materials

Product code: 112

FLOWCOR DUO with adhesive system

: 3 289.00 Roubles

FLOWCOR DUO WITH ADHESIVE SYSTEM Composite dual-cure flowable material for the buildup of tooth core and the fixation of fiberglass and anchor pins, dual-chamber syringe 2x4 gr., adhesive system - 2 vials (basic and catal liquids), etching gel - 6 ml, accessories


Alternative or equivalent: «LuxaCore Dual» (DMG); «Core X Flow» (Dentsply); Encore D/C Minimix (Centrix)


PURPOSE. Flowable dual-cure composite material "FlowCor DUO" is used in therapeutic and orthopedic dentistry for the buildup of tooth core.


PROPERTIES. "FlowCor DUO" is a hybrid composite material with the average dispersion of filler 2 microns. The filler includes specially treated barium-borosilicate glass, fluoride natrium and ceramics. Radiopaque. The basis of monomer matrix: BIS-GMA, UDMA and various oligomers.

The material’s high flowability and thixotropy allows to use it as fixing material for fiberglass and anchor pins. Has high strength. The use of mixer with nozzle for placing the material into the cavity reduces its contact with the oxygen of air, which increases its strength characteristics.

"FlowCor DUO" consists of two pastes: catalytic, and universal, which are contained in dual-chamber syringe. They are mixed at the ratio of 1:1, and after being placed into the cavity, are light-cured with the wavelength of 450 - 500 nm. for 20 seconds.

If not exposed to the light "FlowCor DUO" is self-cured for 8 minutes, and in the mouth: for about 4-5 minutes.

Working time at +23°C: 3.5 minutes.



  • diametrical tensile strength: 45 ± 3 MPa.;
  • flexural strength: 100 ± 5 MPa.;
  • compressive strength: 260 ± 20 MPa.



  • dual-chamber syringe containing: catalyst paste - 4 g., universal paste - 4 g.,
  • adhesive system incl. basic and catalyst liquid - 4 ml each,
  • etching gel for enamel and dentine - 1 vial 6 ml,
  • tips for mixing, intraoral tips and endo-tips,
  • applicators,
  • cells,
  • instruction for use.


STORAGE. "FlowCor DUO" set preserves validity according to the following temperature range:

  • + (8 ÷ 12) ° C - 2 years;
  • + (20 ÷ 24) ° C - 1 year.

The material should be stored in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight.


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