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  • Dual-chamber syringe contains: catalyst paste - 3 g, universal paste - 3 g;
  • Is used for the constant cementation of prostheses made of ceramics, composites and metal (crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays), as well as for fixation of pins in the root channel;
  • has a unique innovative composition which provides antibacterial effect, high adhesion and aesthetic result.

SpeedCEM Ivoclar Vivadent,


Catalogue section: light-cure composites

Product code: 016


: 4 334.00 Roubles

UNIREST PLUS universal hybrid composite restorative light-cure material (I-VI classes). 7 syringes x 4.5 g. (A2; A3; A3,5; B2; C2; C4; OA3,5 colors), "Primer-adhesive" - 6 ml. bottle, gel - 3 ml. syringe, accessories.



Alternative or equivalent: 


Filtek Z250(3M ESPE); Spectrum TPH (Dentsply);
Herculite (Kerr); Charisma Opal (Heraeus Kulzer)



PURPOSE. Light-cure composite restorative material “UNIREST” is designed to restore the cavities of teeth of I - VI classes for adults and children. It is cured by visible light wavelength of 450 - 500 nm.


PROPERTIES. "UNIREST" is hybrid composite material with the average dispersion of the filler particles 0.7 micron. Barium-aluminum-borosilicate glass is used as filler. A modified derivative of BIS-GMA is the basis of the polymer matrix. The degree of inorganic filler contained in the material is about 79%. The material is easily condensed in the cavity of the tooth and has transparency of 0.80, allowing it to be used for such restoration, where cosmetic effect is especially important.

As to its strength "UNIREST" is not inferior to most imported composite materials. It has high wear resistance, low polymerization shrinkage. It has good consistency, does not leak during work, and does not stick to the tool.

"UNIREST" is well polished to a "dry light," which allows the dentist to perform a highly esthetic restoration.

Fillings of material "UNIREST" are radiopaque, color stable, can be easily polished, well imitate the tooth, which is especially important in the restoration of III - V classes.

Material "UNIREST" is packaged in lightproof syringes, and is available in the following colors according to Vita scale: A1, A2, A3, A3,5, B2, C2, C4, OA3,5, OB2, clear incise edge. The "UNIREST PLUS" set includes 7 standard colors; at customer choice the color may be selected individually.

The depth of polymerization of the material for 10 seconds is at least 2 mm.



  • diametric strength: up to 52 MPa.;
  • flexural strength: 100 ± 5 MPa.;
  • water absorption: 13 ± 2 mkg./mm3.;
  • adhesion to enamel with the use of etching gel and light-cure “Primer – adhesive”: 17 ± 3 MPa.



  • 7 syringes with filling material (A2; A3; A3,5; B2; C2; C4; OA3,5 colors) – 4.5 g.;
  • «Primer-adhesive", light-cured, in a bottle - 6 ml.;
  • gel for etching enamel - 3 ml. syringe;
  • accessories: mixing pad, disposable brushes, pen for brushes; cannulas for applying gel;
  • instruction for use.


STORAGE. "UNIREST PLUS" set should be kept in a dark place at temperature not above + 24° C. Shelf life of the material is 2 years. If refrigerated during storage, the filling material before use must be kept at room temperature for at least 1 hour.

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