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  • Dual-chamber syringe contains: catalyst paste - 4 g, universal paste - 4 g;
  • Flowability and thixotropy allow its use both for the buildup of tooth core and the fixation of pins in the root channel. Has high strength;
  • The set includes dual-cure Adhesive "FlowCor Duo" which can be cured with and without light.

Luxacor DMG
Gradia cor GC

FisSeal S

Catalogue section: Preventive materials

Product code: 121

FisSeal S

: 1 298.00 Roubles

FisSeal S fissure sealing light-cure material (2 vials of 3 ml., transparent and opaque), etching liquid 6 ml., accessories.


PURPOSE. Light-cured sealant "FisSeal S" is designed for sealing pits and fissures of teeth and is used as means of preventing caries by children.


PROPERTIES. Sealant "FisSeal S" - is low viscosity hydrophobic composition of monomers containing methacrylate groups and polymerization initiator. Cured by visible light with wavelength of 450 - 500 nm.


To facilitate the monitoring of the sealed fissure the material is available in two shades:

  • transparent, which allows to monitor the bottom of the fissure;
  • opaque.

The depth of cure of  "FisSeal S" for 20 seconds:

  • transparent: 10 mm.;
  • opaque: 2.1 mm.

Recommended thickness of the sealant layer on top of the etched enamel: 0.5 mm., setting time: 30 - 40 sec.



  • viscosity:

transparent - 200 cps.;

opaque - 450 cps.;

  • adhesion to etched enamel:

transparent - 11 ± 1 MPa.;

opaque - 12 ± 1 MPa.



  • sealant "FisSeal S" transparent - 1 vial of 3 ml.;
  • sealant "FisSeal S" opaque - 1 vial of 3 ml.;
  • etching enamel liquid - 1 vial of 6 ml;
  • supplies: disposable cuvettes, disposable brush with handle, spatulas;
  • instruction for use.


STORAGE. "FisSeal S" can be stored for 2 years at the temperature not above 4°C in a dark room in the manufacturer’s packaging. Before use the sealant "FisSeal S" should be kept at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.

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