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1 syringe with the material - 3.0 g
TempeLight (white and blue colors)
TempeLight F (white color)

  • has high plasticity before cure and high elasticity after cure,
  • ensures highly hermetic sealing and ability to remove the temporary filling without the use of rotary instruments,
  • once the filling has been extracted, no mechanical working of the oral cavity is needed.

Clip / Clip F (Voco),
Temp.it (Spident)

DENTIN (paste)

Catalogue section: for temporary filling

Product code: 082-083

DENTIN (paste)

: 132.00 Roubles

DENTIN (paste) temporary filling material based on zinc-sulfate cement without eugenol, 50 g. (mint, odorless). Hardens in the mouth.


Alternative or equivalent: Cimpat (Septodont)


Product code:

  • with mint – 082;
  • odorless – 083.


PURPOSE. "Dentin" (paste) is used for temporary filling and for covering drugs in the tooth cavity.


PROPERTIES. "Dentin" (paste) is a paste made on the basis of zinc oxide and zinc sulfate, modified by various additives. It does not contain eugenol. Hardens in the mouth.

Initial setting time: 2 hours



  • 1 jar of "Dentin" (paste) - 50 g.;
  • instruction for use.


STORAGE. Store in a tightly closed jar. Avoid contact with moisture. Penetration of moisture worsens the properties of material and may spoil it completely.

Shelf life is 2 years if stored at temperature +(18-23)°C.

Direction for use "DENTIN (paste)"

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