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1 syringe with "IonoLight", B2 color - 2 g

IonoLight is intended for:
  • making radiopaque gaskets,
  • aligning cavity bottom,
  • fissure sealing,
  • sealing small defects of class V.

After solidification, the gasket made of IonoLight material releases fluoride for a long period of time.

Analogue: Ionoseal Voco


Catalogue section: Adhesives

Product code: 096


: 1 260.00 Roubles

ST-Bond self-etching light-cure adhesive for enamel and dentin, 5 ml, accessories 

Alternative or equivalent:

Adper Easy One (3, ), G-Bond (GS, )


Purpose. Self-etching adhesive of 7th generation is used for creating adhesion to enamel and dentin by:

-  restorations (of all types of cavities by Blake) by light-cure composite and compomer materials 

- fixation of indirect restorations of composite ans compomer materials, ceramics and metal with the use of dual-cure polimer material for constant fixation 

- restorarion of tooth core by composite materials 

- direct restorations by composite and compomer materials, ceramics and metal 



Self-etching adhesive does not require etching of the tooth surface by acid. 

Is light-cured with the wavelength of 450 - 500 nm. 

Adhesion strength to dentin: 20,3 ± 4.6 MPa.


Advantages of ST-Bond:

  • One-component system saves working time of the dentist and decreases probability of mistakes;
  • Excludes micro-flows of dentin liquid due to simultaneous demineralisation of tooth tissues and penetration of adhesive;
  • Is not dependent on the degree of moisture of dentin;
  • Lack of post-procedural sensitivity.


The set contains:

  • ST-Bond material - 1 vial 5 ml;
  • accessories: cells, microbrushes;
  • instruction for use.



ST-Bond must be stored at a temperature +(5÷12)° not exposed to direct sunlight. Shelf life: 2 years.


Direction for use ST-Bond

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