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1 syringe with "IonoLight", B2 color - 2 g

IonoLight is intended for:
  • making radiopaque gaskets,
  • aligning cavity bottom,
  • fissure sealing,
  • sealing small defects of class V.

After solidification, the gasket made of IonoLight material releases fluoride for a long period of time.

Analogue: Ionoseal Voco


Catalogue section: Adhesives

Product code: 095


: 770.00 Roubles

For etching ceramic prostheses. Ceramicgel (9% hydrofluori acid) - 2 syringes x 3 ml, Barrier gel - 1 syringe 3 ml.


Alternative or equivalent: Porcelain Etch (Ultradent)


Purpose: Ceramicgel is yellow gel containing 9% of stabilized hydrofluori acid. The gel has stabilized uniform structure not allowing it to flow on the surface, which prevents undesirable contact with mucous membrane of the mouth.

Recommended etching time - 60-90 seconds. After that Ceramicgel has to be neutralized with Barrier gel containing 5% of bicarbonate natrium. In order to do that place Barrier gel over Ceramicgel and mix them accurately till the reaction stops completely.


The set contains:

- Ceramicgel (9% stabilized hydrofluori acid gel) - 2 syringes of 3 ml

- Barrier gel (neutralizer of hydrofluori acid) - 1 syringe of 3 ml

- Direction for use



Ceramicgel syringe must be closed immediately after use. The shelf life is 2 years if stored at + (18÷24) ° temperature.

The shelf life of Barrier gel is 2 years if stored at + (4÷29) ° temperature.


Direction for use - Ceramicgel

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