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1 syringe with the material - 3.0 g
TempeLight (white and blue colors)
TempeLight F (white color)

  • has high plasticity before cure and high elasticity after cure,
  • ensures highly hermetic sealing and ability to remove the temporary filling without the use of rotary instruments,
  • once the filling has been extracted, no mechanical working of the oral cavity is needed.

Clip / Clip F (Voco),
Temp.it (Spident)

Balsam ELFIX

Catalogue section: Preventive materials

Product code: 129

Balsam ELFIX

: 120.00 Roubles

 «Balsam Elfix» - complex mouth rinse. Serves as effective means for the prevention of diseases of hard teeth tissues and mucous membrane of the mouth. Does not contain alcohol and conservation agents. Ready for use. Volume: 300 ml.


«Balsam Elfix» by regular application serves to effectively prevent teeth and oral cavity diseases.


Has wide spectrum of action:

  • Decreases the risk of caries
  • Combats inflammation of soft tissues of the mouth
  • Hinders plaque including places which are difficult to clean with toothbrush
  • Helps to decrease high sensitivity and hemorrhagic diathesis of gum
  • Suppresses growth of bacteria causing unpleasant smell



Composition:  water, amine-fluoride (mass content of fluorides – 0.0036%),  alumo-kalium alum, menthol, chloride mono-hydrate of cetilpiridinium,  edible colorant CL.


Application: rinse mouth by small quantity of liquid for 1-2 minutes. Not swallow.

Use twice a day after hygienic cleaning of teeth, and during the day upon necessity.   


Storage: 2 years at t + (5 ÷ 25)º .

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