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varnish in a vial - 10 grams
solvent in a vial - 10 ml

  • preventive agent against caries,
  • reduction of teeth hyperesthesia,
  • treatment of non-carious lesions of teeth,
  • teeth preparation before placing prosthesis,
  • teeth treatment after whitening procedures, dental plaque removal and professional oral hygiene.

Analogue: Bifluoride 12 Voco


Catalogue section: glass ionomers

Product code: 072-073


: 979.00 Roubles

CEMFIL 10 universal radiopaque glass ionomer for lining and restoration. Powder 10 g., liquid 4.5 ml., standard color A2 or A3. 


Alternative or equivalent:



Product code:

  • A2 shade – 072;
  • A3 shade – 073.



  • restoration of teeth cavities classes III, V for adults and children;
  • restoration of cavities classes I, II of primary teeth;
  • restoration of non-carious tooth tissue defects;
  • sealing root dentin caries;
  • placing radiopaque gasket while working with composite filling materials;
  • restoration, with the use of sandwich technique, in the cavities of I and II classes.


PROPERTIES. Glass poly-alcenate cement (glass ionomer) "Cemfil" is highly biocompatible with the tissues of the tooth. It is characterized by high compressive strength (200 MPa), the ability for a long time to release fluoride, which accumulates in the hard tissues of the tooth, thus providing anti-caries effect. Chemical adhesion to dentin and enamel provides hermetic edge seal.

Glass ionomer "Cemfil" meets all requirements of modern restorative materials.

"Cemfil" consists of the powder (aluminum-fluorine-silicate glass) and the poly-acrylic acid, which, having been mixed, form a fast setting solid strong material. During solidification in the tooth cavity there is a reaction, which produces chemical connection between the material and the tooth tissue.

Thanks to a special technological treatment of the powder, a doctor can easily mix any amount of powder with the solution of poly-acrylic acid.

Mixing time: 30 sec., working time at + 23°C: 2 minutes, setting time: 2-3 minutes.

"Cemfil 10" has the standard color of B2. On request, it can be produced in the following Vita scale colors: A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C2.



  • Compressive strength: 200 + 20 MPa.;
  • Acid erosion: no more than 0.007 mm. / hour;
  • Adhesion to dentin: 10 MPa.;
  •                  to enamel: 12 MPa.



  • "Cemfil" powder, B2 color - 10 g.;
  • solution of poly-acrylic acid – 4.5 ml. vial;
  • accessories
  • instruction for use.


STORAGE. Shelf life of the material "Cemfil" at + 5-25°C: 2 years. Upon completion the vial with the powder should be tightly closed, protected from moisture and direct sunlight.


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Direction for use "Cemfil"

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