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  • Dual-chamber syringe contains: catalyst paste - 4 g, universal paste - 4 g;
  • Flowability and thixotropy allow its use both for the buildup of tooth core and the fixation of pins in the root channel. Has high strength;
  • The set includes dual-cure Adhesive "FlowCor Duo" which can be cured with and without light.

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Catalogue section: glass ionomers

Product code: 075


: 517.00 Roubles

IONOLIGHT glass ionomer light-cure composite (gaskets, aligning cavity bottom, fissure sealing, Class V sealing). 2 g. syringe, B2 color.


Alternative or equivalent:

Ionoseal  (VOCO); Ionosit Baseliner (DMG)


PURPOSE. "IonoLight" is intended for:

  • making radiopaque gaskets;
  • aligning cavity bottom;
  • fissure sealing;
  • sealing small defects of class V;
  • closing the mouth of root channel


PROPERTIES. "IonoLight" contains uretane-methacrylate, BIS-GMA and filler: fluorinated reactive glass. The material is cured by light of 450 ± 500 nm. wavelength; it is flowable, can flow in the undercut. After solidification, the gasket made of "IonoLight" material releases fluoride for a long period of time.

The material has radiopacity, high mechanical strength, adhesion to the tooth and low thermal conductivity. After curing the isolation lining made of "IonoLight" is subject to minimal shrinkage, protecting the pulp from irritating effects and reducing post-operation sensitivity.

Cavity preparation is carried out by standard methods. The material is placed by layers of not more than 1 mm. thick, which are light cured for 20 seconds.



  • depth of cure for 10 sec.: 3,5 ± 4 mm.;
  • compressive strength: 190 ± 20 MPa;
  • diametric strength: 40 ± 42 MPa.;
  • flexural strength: 80 ± 90 MPa.;
  • adhesion to dentin: not less than 14 MPa.



  • 1 syringe with "IonoLight", B2 color - 2 g.;
  • needle tips for syringes;
  • instruction for use.


STORAGE. "IonoLight" must be stored at the temperature not exceeding +25° C in an area protected from direct sunlight. Shelf life of the material is 3 years.


Direction for use "IonoLight"

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