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1 syringe with "IonoLight", B2 color - 2 g

IonoLight is intended for:
  • making radiopaque gaskets,
  • aligning cavity bottom,
  • fissure sealing,
  • sealing small defects of class V.

After solidification, the gasket made of IonoLight material releases fluoride for a long period of time.

Analogue: Ionoseal Voco

DENTIS ART colored

Catalogue section: glass ionomers

Product code: 067-068

DENTIS ART colored

: 781.00 Roubles

DENTIS ART colored universal high strength glass ionomer for lining and restoration. Useful in pediatric dentistry. 1 vial of 8 g. (blue, yellow, red colors), 5 ml. of conditioner liquid, accessories.



Alternative or equivalent:

 Aqua Ionofil Plus (VOCO); Fuji I (GC)


 PURPOSE. Glass poly-alcenate cement (glass ionomer) "DENTIS Art colored" is designed for:

  • restoration of teeth cavities of III, V classes;
  • making linings while working with composite materials and amalgam;
  • filling cavities of class I and II in primary teeth;
  • temporary filling;
  • technology of ART fillings;
  • sealing root dentin caries.


PROPERTIES. "DENTIS Art" has very high strength (210 MPa.) and resistance to acid erosion. It has high biocompatibility with the tissues of the tooth.

"DENTIS Art" powder is a mixture of aluminum-fluorine-silicate glass and poly-acrylic acid. After being mixed with distilled water it forms a fast setting solid strong material.

It is a kind of easy-to-use cement, resistant to abrasion.


Seals of "DENTIS" material:

  • are radiopaque;
  • have no edge permeability;
  • have anti-caries effect;
  • are resistant to acid erosion;
  • are resistant to moisture in the initial stages of curing;
  • do not require protective varnish coating.

Working time with "DENTIS ART" at + 23°C: 2 min.; setting time: 3-4 minutes.



  • compressive strength: 210 ± 20 MPa.;
  • acid erosion: none;
  • flexural strength: 23 ± 2 MPa.;
  • adhesion to dentin: 4 ± 2 MPa.;



  • "DENTIS ART colored" powder, 1 vial of 8 g.: yellow, blue, red, green color
  • conditioner liquid - 1 vial of 5 ml.
  • accessories: bottle dropper for water, measurer for powder, mixing pad
  • instruction for use.


STORAGE. Upon completion the vial with the powder should be tightly closed, protected from moisture. Penetration of moisture worsens the properties of material and may spoil it completely. Shelf life of the material is 2 years when stored at temperature not above 25°C.

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Direction for use "Dentis"

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