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Has high strength, low acid erosion, radiopacity

  • restoration of teeth cavities classes III, V for adults and children;
  • restoration of cavities classes I, II of primary teeth;
  • restoration of non-carious tooth tissue defects;
  • sealing root dentin caries;
  • placing radiopaque gasket while working with composite filling materials;
  • restoration, with the use of sandwich technique, in the cavities of I and II classes.

Available in the following dosage:
CemFil 15 (15 g powder + 6.4 ml liquid),
CemFil 10 (10 g powder + 4.5 ml liquid),
various Vita shades



Catalogue section: self-cure composites

Product code: 060-061


: 1 034.00 Roubles

PRIZMA filling self-cure material (I-V class). Pasta + pasta 14 +14 g., 6 ml. of gel, adhesive 6 ml., matrix strips (50 pcs.), accessories.


 Alternative or equivalent: 

Charisma PPF (Heraus Kulzer); Composite (DentStar); Uni-Fill (Uni-Dent); Diamondbrite (Evident); Evicrol (Spofa Dental); Alphaplast (DMG)



code 060 - B2 shade

code 061 - A3 shade


PURPOSE. The filling self-cure material "PRIZMA" is designed to restore the teeth cavities of I-V classes for adults and children.


PROPERTIES. "PRIZMA" is minifilled composite material with the averagedispersion of the filler particles 2.8 - 3.2 mm. Barium-aluminum-borosilicate glass is used as filler. The universal binder BIS - GMA and monomers - diluents are the basis of the polymer matrix. The degree of inorganic filler contained in the material is about 75%. Composite filling material "PRIZMA" consists of two pastas: basic and catalytic, which are mixed at the ratio of 1:1 in special mixing pads.

"PRIZMA" is characterized by high strength, and by this parameter surpasses many domestic and foreign analogues, while it is not inferior to them as to its other physical and mechanical properties.

Working time at +23°C is 3 minutes, setting time is up to 5 minutes. The air temperature in the room significantly affects length of working time; at temperature below +23°C the working time of the material is increased, and temperature above 25°C leads to a significant reduction in working hours.

The basic pasta produced has color B2 or A3 according to Vita colors scale.



  • diametric strength: 42 ± 2 MPa.;
  • flexural strength: 90 ± 5 MPa.;
  • water absorption: 12 ± 3 mkg./mm3.;
  • adhesion to enamel with the use of etching gel and adhesive "Prizma": 20 ± 2 MPa.

Fillings made ​​from composite material "PRIZMA" are radiopaque, color stable, can be easily polished, which provides high cosmetic effect of the restoration.



  • catalytic paste - 14 g.;
  • basic paste - 14 g.;
  • adhesive system for enamel consisting of main and catalytic liquid – 3 ml. each;
  • gel for etching the enamel - 6 ml.;
  • accessories: mixing pad, spatulas, brushes, matrix strips;
  • instruction for use.


STORAGE. "PRIZMA" sets are stored:

- at the temperature +(12-24)°C - 1 year;

- at the temperature +(2-4)°C - 2 years.

After storage in refrigerator the filling material before use must be kept at room temperature for at least 1 hour.

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